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Which packages are available?

See NixOS package search.

How is foo packaged?

  • Search for foo on the NixOS package search page.
    • Click Source for the relevant entry
  • .. Or type nix edit <flake-ref>
    • git package in nixpkgs: nix edit github:NixOS/nixpkgs#git
    • libvfn package from flake: nix edit github:nix4noobs/pkg-c-meson/master#libvfn

Enabling/disabling package features

Packages often expose build options as boolean flags, not unlike feature flags (--enable-X) when configuring a software package ahead of compilation.

By convention, package build scripts are written as functions taking an attribute set and features can be en- or disabled by an attribute.

For example, the git package has a guiSupport attribute, which decides whether the gui component is built. To set build options for the git package, replace pkgs.git with

(pkgs.git.override { guiSupport = true; })